Website Design

Professional Websites, Your Way!

Why our Web Design?

Job satisfaction!

We find that creating an appealing, engaging website with graphics and code, gets our creative and technical juices flowing and what gives us job satisfaction. We do this because we enjoy it, not because it’s a job.

We use the correct Tools!

We have solid experience with commercial technologies like Microsoft ASP and Microsoft .NET as well as Open Source technologies (which we prefer,) such as mySQL, PHP and Java.

Using cutting edge graphics programs, we have the correct tools to do the design properly. We understand your site needs to work on all machines and on all browsers, so our layout code is cross-browser compliant and W3C validated.

Most web developers are skilled in only one department, either in the ‘design’ or the ‘programming’. Having only 1 of these can be blatantly obvious in your website. That’s why we have professional and qualified graphic designers AS well as the programmers and technical skill to build your dream that is engaging, yet stable, compliant and fast.

We build back-end administration systems (CMS and Content Management Systems) to enable clients to update their own website.

All our websites are search engine ready and we use established SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques.

We’re affordable, professional, approachable, flexible and we can tailor-make a professional, well designed website to suit your budget. Contact us with your needs and you won’t be disappointed.

Professional Web design

Unfortunately ANYONE can create a website these days. Even you! You can easily put some words and graphics toegther in Microsoft Word (or many other common programs) and save it as a webpage. Or, “web-designers” commonly use free ‘making’ website software…. and we all know you get what you pay for.

The problems with developing websites this way is people are not schooled in web standards and the code hopelessley fails when it comes to many aspects inlcuding mobile compatibitly, optimised graphics, correct SEO, and the use of redundant or archaic code.

We recommend you use a designer that can at least write HTML without having to resort to a graphical ‘drag and drop’ editor. A simple thing like naming images without space in the filename can make or break your website. Many designers will use images with their original filenames (such as DSC0078.jpg) which search engines like Google dont understand – little things like that are very important.

A simple test for your web-designer is to ask them a techinical question. For example you could ask what a <label> element is used for. Or ask them if they use CSS media-queries and if so, for what screen sizes these media-queries cater for. If they answer you right away with confidence then you have a good designer. If not, run fast.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Basically this means optimising the code to make is sensible to search engines. We have all the skill to do this properly.

Search engines have little programs (robots) that surf the web 24/7. They look for good informative content and relative content. Lets say you have a wedding photography website – you want to be sure your pages are named correctly and make sense to search engines.

For example your gallery page should be named something like: “wedding-photography-gallery.html” – as that is way more sensible than being called “page3.html”. Search engines like Yahoo and Google will pick this up. Search engines will look at the file name, then they look at the page headings. If the keywords, or keyword-phrase (in this case the keyword-phrase “Wedding Photography Gallery”), is found in the page name as well as the main heading, once or twice in the content and photos then all the better.

There is normally one main heading and then there could be sub-headings and then sub-sub headings. Then come the paragraphs. Naturally, in our wedding website example, the gallery page main heading will be something like “Wedding Photography Gallery”. This will be big and bold as a heading should be. Then you might have an introductory paragraph and the you may have sub-headings like: Outdoor Wedding Photography, Indoor Wedding Photography, Beach Wedding Photography, Themed Wedding Photography, etc. These headings will all have paragraphs and photos in them. If the photos are names according to the content, ie: beach-wedding.jpg, bride-and-groom-in-chapel.jpg, then all the better as the search engines will see this and rank the page VERY relevent to Wedding Photography.

A lot more goes into SEO. A well written web page has something called META tags which are not seen by humans, but are there for the search engines. Two important ones are the “title” tag and then the “descriptions” tag that need to be utulised.

Also the overuse of keywords, keyword phrases and trying to trick Google into ranking ones page better is no good. Search Engine Robtos are very clever and know when they are being tricked. As long as the writing is natural and not stuffed with keywords/keyphrases then you are good to go.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is for websites like Google is for search. Over 20% of the worlds TOP 10 million websites use WordPress. And in total about 60 million websites use WordPress. The reasons are as follows: Once setup, the owner can update their own website easily. The system is very easy to use even if you are not ‘tech-savvy’. It is suitable for almost any type of website, from e-commerce stores to school and university websites. Some of the worlds top websites that use wordpress are: People Magazine, Sony, Wall Street Journal, Samsung, Playstation, CNN, Ford, Ebay and many more.

Plugin System

WordPress is extensible with millions of plugins to suit any need. From calender or newletter plugins, to gallery, sound and video plugins, to geo mapping sytems or hotel booking systems.

Standards Compliant

It also conforms and adheres to web standards using HTML5 and CSS3 recommended code plus a nice fall-back for older browsers. It is very secure and even updates itself so there is no need to download and update the core software.

SEO Freindly

Out the box, WordPress is search engine friendly. We use additional plugins and expertise to enhance this.

WordPress Themes

There are a gazzillion themes available for WordPress. Many are free and others are premium and command a small fee. We have a repository of premium paid themes which we offer for free when you have a website done with us. This gives you good choice. Additionaly, if required, we can design a WordPress theme from scratch if needed.

Free Website Design

Yes you heard right, we offer Free Website Design if you take of of our hosting packages on our Free Website Design page. You have a choice of packages to choose from that range from R100 per month to R350 per month.

Forum Setup and Design

We are well versed in forum software. We are proficient in designing and configuring websites that use phpBB or vBulletin forum software. An example of a phpBB website is and for a vBulletin example have a look at

E-commerce and Payment Processing

If you want to sell your products or services online then you can rest assured the job will be done securely with us. We design and configure ecommerce sofware like OSCommerce or ZenCart. Have a look at which is built on ZenCart or check out which is built on OSCommerce

We utilise secure payemnt processing providors like SagePay to process debit or Credit Cards on your website. We also integrate Paypal if needed.

Flash Animation

Whether it be a game or a banner advert, we love doing Flash animation. Anything you can dream up can be done. Flash uses vector graphics which have infinite resolution for a crisp clean finish.

Banner Adverts

Banner adverts are usually done using GIF animation with Adobe Photshop. Whatever your companies needs are, we will deliver a nice design and animation in any dimensions you want.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a full featured system offering detailed statistics and demographic trends of people visiting your website. It measures conversion rates and sales and which pages perform best. We add Google Analytics to your site and monitor your site and if needed, will suggest improvemnts using this invaluable tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of our expertise and although we have a lot of knowledge regarding this, we partner with a premium Digital Marketing Agency called DigitLab who are professionals in this area.

Social Media Coaching

We guide you with industry secrets on how to get to the top of Google. Through social media you can build brand awareness and we know the best channels for you to do this.

jQuery FX

Whenever you see advanced special effects on websites, then it will probably be done with jQuery. From animations with every transition effect you can dream of to updating content on the fly with Ajax, jQuery is fast, cross-platform and works on all smart phones too!

Custom Programming

We cut our teeth on ASP (Visual Basic) and then moved into the wonderful world of Java and PHP. If you need a custom solution we have the experience and skill needed to deliver a polished product.

MySQL Database Development

We are proficent in designing Entity Relationship Diagrams and using these to build databases in any technology you prefer. From Microsoft SQL, through Oracle to mySQL we have trained experts for professional database development.

Scripting & Programming.

Using either PHP, Java or jQuery, writing some code to perform a function is something we find rather exciting. As an example, with just 3 lines of code one can read and display all images on a server, then we can write code to manipulate those images how ever you want. We can make them black and white, flip them, resize them or anything you can imgine – all with code. We dare you to challenge us.