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Craig did a fabulous job with our website and the results have really paid off. What I enjoyed about his service was that it was fast, to the point and hassle free. He heard what we wanted, made some suggestions where he thought it would help us and really came up with an excellent product. His continuing service with hosting our website has also been painless and smooth sailing. Thank you for outstanding service.

Rene van Rensburg
August 20, 2015

I approached Craig at the end of my tether with regards to my website for our self catering cottage. I had managed to do the basic things and finally decide this was now too much for me and approached him as to what he was able to do for me. Well, is the best decision I had ever made. He was excellent and so patient with me and in 1 week flat my website is up and running. He took what I gave him and made it look so professional. I have had compliments on how good it looks. Well done Craig.

Carol Mc Bean
November 11, 2012

Craig Van Rensburg designed my website at 10 years ago. Not only am I impressed with the quality of his service through his integrity and follow-through as well as being a great designer, problem solver, he has become a great friend. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a state-of-the-art website design!

Ron Waldron
March 28, 2010

Craig maintains the website, it’s the largest online reptile keeping community in the country and rivals the largest in the world. He has performed all the website upgrades and updates seemlessly since he joined us in 2005 without any downtime for longer than 5 minutes. That on it’s own is testament to his work and how he goes about it ensuring that the client’s internet exposure is optimised. Earlier this year our website wes hacked and he rectified the problem timeously without any major downtime. He always takes his work one step further and gives us better than what we asked for. I’m not tolerant when it comes to inefficiency and the dwindling quality of service in this country is nothing short of depressing. That been said I am very happy to have Craig on our side. There should no longer be any doubt in your mind now when it comes to his performance.

Quinten Armstrong
February 22, 2009

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