Why would you need 3D Modelling?

3D is the wonderful way of presenting objects realistically. 3D Animation is one of the most interesting and fast growing fields in advertising and movies at the moment. Be it a proposed building development, your house, a machines’ parts or even an animation of a blob of jelly or ocean wave, we have so much fun bringing realisimn to our 3D Projects.

Perfect for Engineers and Architects!3d_mascot_scaffold

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Say you have a pnuematic drill you want to propose to the mining industry, or you need a 3D artists impression of your housing development, you will find our precise 3D Modelling, rendering and animated walkthroughs perfect for your needs.

Some of our 3D Modelling work below…

Construction of house from blueprint

House with furniture

Margate Pier – Public Bathrooms

Margate Pier – Proposed Tuckshop

Use of Organic 3D Modelling – Nelson Mandelas’ Head

Use of Organic 3D Modelling – Freddy Krugers’ Hand

Use of Organic 3D Modelling – Freddy Krugers’ Head & Body

Character Modelling

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