Free Website Design and Free Domain Name!

Did you know?
funnyBack in 2008, we were the very first company to offer Free Website Design, Ever!

Then everybody copied us – LOL

We have many happy clients who ONLY PAY web-hosting fees.

You can too!

All you need to do is host your website with us and pay for hosting in advance.

No Catch! No Small Print!

Free Website Design Package Specials for every budget!


  • 2 Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 50 Mb Disk Space
  • 2 Free Email Addresses

R 100 p/m



  • 3 Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 50 Mb Disk Space
  • 3 Free Email Addresses

R 150 p/m



  • 4 Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 100 Mb Disk Space
  • 5 Free Email Addresses

R 200 p/m



  • 5 Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 150 Mb Disk Space
  • 10 Free Email Addresses

R 250 p/m



  • 6 Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 200 Mb Disk Space
  • 15 Free Email Addresses

R 300 p/m



  • 7+ Page Website
  • Your own Domain Name
  • 250 Mb Disk Space
  • 20 Free Email Addresses

R 350 p/m


What do you get ?

  • FREE professional website design.
  • FREE ( domain name of your choice, ie:
  • FREE Email Accounts, ie:
  • A FREE Maintenance package.
  • Your website hosted on ultra fast, uncluttered servers based in the USA with unlimited bandwidth…
  • No Increase in the Hosting Price on next annual renewal.
  • Easily upgrade to any dynamic features like a Blog, a Gallery, a Bulletin Board or a Content Management System, etc.
  • Robust Control Panel (cPanel). Manage email accounts, view traffic statistics, manage databases, etc.

What do you need to qualify ?

  • To qualify for the special you will need to pay for at least 6 months hosting fee upfront.

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Why use us ?

  • Don’t be lured by ‘very’ cheap hosting. A quick search on the internet will reveal many hosting providers who offer hosting for ultra low rates or for free. In these cases, your website will go on a slow server, that is crammed with thousands of other websites and advertising.
  • You have control of your own hosting package via a robust control panel (cPanel). Create and change email accounst, view traffic statistics, manage databases, etc.

What are the Benefits ?

  • No Contract – Your business with us is on a month to month basis. You can opt out at any time.
  • Mandatory Search Engine Optimisation!
  • The free website does not include logo design or custom artwork and is based on a professional template that you can choose.
  • Other web companies will charge you for a web-design AND for a domain name and this can run into many thousands of rands. With us Only pay for hosting and get the rest free!
  • Hosted on robust, fast and reliable servers, based in the USA.
  • The same renowned customer service as regular hosting packages.
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99% Uptime guaranteed.

Promotion Terms and Conditions:


  • Before your hosting account is started, we will do necessary background and credit checks for security reasons.
  • You are required to initially pay 6 months hosting up-front before we setup your hosting account and register your domain name.
  • Thereafter you can choose to pay in cycles or 6, 12 or 24 months upfront, or go on a monthly debit order.
  • To discontinue using our service, you must do so in writing or email within, 30 days to enable us to cancel your debit order with the bank.
  • There is no contract and we hold the right to terminate our services with any person, business or entity if it is in the best of our interests.
  • The design remains the intellectual property of 2xl Digital Solutions and will be withheld if you choose to stop using our services.


  • Your hosting contract includes the stipulated amount of megabytes disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Your free website will be hosted on fast, reliable and uncluttered Linux servers on an established server farm in the USA.
  • To discontinue using our service, you must do so in writing or email within, 30 days to enable us to cancel your debit order with the bank.
  • The debit order will run one more cycle after cancellation and then terminate.
  • The servers are maintained 24 hours a day and experience 99% uptime. Support is 7 days a week.

Free Website:

  • The free website does not include logo design. Logo must be supplied or one can be designed for a fee.
  • You may choose from thousands of professional templates which are accessable through your hosting control panel.
  • During the design process of your free website, you will see regular live updates of your websites’ design.
  • Initial SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the website code will be included. Your site will also also be sumitted to Google.
  • The design will only commence after the initial 6 month hosting payment has been received by us.

Free Domain Name:

  • We will buy, register and manage the domain name of your choice. *

Maintenance Terms

  • For the duration of the hosting contract, you will receive free website maintenance within reason. For example, you may need simple changes like; a phone number changed, a pricelist altered or a few images removed/added. Changes like this are free.
  • If we determine that the required change is beyond the scope of ‘a simple alteration’, then this will be discussed and quoted upon. IE: you may want to add a whole new product line with 100 images. Up to 5 image or product changes/additions are considered free.


  • You will receive email addresses of your choice (ie:,, etc)
  • Email inboxes must be emptied regularly and have a holding limit of 10 megabytes each. You will be warned when you are approaching the limit. Although this is rare we need to make sure you are not sending and receiving large amounts of videos/music or files that take up unnecessary bandwidth.

* This applies to domains only. If you prefer another domain extension (.com, .net, etc) this will be an extra cost.

It is at our discretion to determine if your business is of such a size that it is not feasible for a limited page website. IE: You may have hundreds of products and data that require better management such as a database and more functionality. Extra pages or functionality can be added at an additional cost.

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