Vape Decadence Label Designs

The brand is Vape Decadence. The idea was to give the brand a 1920’s art-deco, high society, decadent look.  The logo was designed with some retro swirls, a top hat and use of old style ‘Gatsby’ typeface. This was the end result.


The next requirement was to conceptualize a design for flavors of vape juice. These would be made into bottle label decals. In this case we used color to symbolize flavor. A number of tools were used as usual including Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw for the vector graphics, and Adobe Photoshop for some image manipulation.

After many designs were considered, we settled on these. More flavor designs will be added in future.

Flavor design #1: Berries & Cola

Flavor design #2: Passion Fruit, Apple and Mango.


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