Website Pricelist

This price list includes developing a website from scratch, different website components as well as setting up and styling of Content Management (CMS) systems.

Website Development and Website Components

R 3500

Professional Website Design

This will be the layout and design aspect done by our qualified graphic designer. This is the theme and branding of your online business. A concept will be drawn up using our expertise and your needs as well as the theme of your brand. The chosen concept can then be refined to your liking for until you are satisfied. Up to 3 unique concepts may be drawn up at your request.

All graphics and imagery are optimized for sharp quality and fast loading.

Not included:

  • Website Programming: (See next item).
  • Logo design: The website design does not include logo design which is a separate cost.

R 3500

Website Programming (*max 6 pages)

Programming refers to the writing of the code and styling languages that are used to give structure and operate your website and its various functions.

We use mainly HTML for semantic and logical structure and CSS to control the layout and theme and palette. JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and other scripting languages may be used where needed.

Compliance: With over 15 years experience under our belts we adhere to accepted industry methods and our code largely conforms to W3C standards. We cut our teeth on HTML (1) in the days before Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used (and mobile phones were a distant dream). We now write code with HTML5 and CSS3 and keep abreast of evolving web and mobile standards.

Mobile Ready: Websites will be built in a ‘responsive’ manner allowing them to display correctly on most mobile devices and phones.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We use standard industry techniques in HTML to make sure your website is optimised for Search engines and is easily discovered and indexed by them. We focus pages for the correct keywords and keyphrases. We are well aware of black-hat and unsavoury techniques that are frowned upon by Google

*This price includes 6 pages. Additional pages can be ordered for R500 ea.

R 4500

Forum software setup (phpBB or vBulletin)

We have years of experience setting up and installing discussion forum systems, particularly phpBB and vBulletin. An example of our phpBB can be seen on and our vBulletin on Price does not inlcude a vBulletin Licence although phpBB is free public software. Other forum software can be used as requested.

Price includes design, layout and visual theme of the forum.

R 4500

Drupal CMS

Drupal is a website content management system (CMS) that is best suited to community websites like schools, churches, corporation websites, government websites, local community websites, etc. Very versatile and allows for multiple users and has a strict permission system. See for an example of a Drupal system we built.

Price includes full installation, setup and theme design.

R 5850

Wordpress CMS

Our most popular website solution. WordPress is used by over 60 million websites and, as of April 2016, it was used by 26.4% of the top 10 million websites (reference). WordPress is very easy for anyone to use and update their website. It has an extensive plugin system that allows for any functionality from E-Commerce websites to Hotel booking systems. Included in the price are any one of our premium themes that can be modified to your liking.

WordPress websites are loved by search engines like Google and the constantly updated code conforms to industry standards and SEO optimization so your website will be easily indexed.

R 100000

Joomla CMS (headache fee)

Joomla is not a system we like working with. It is unnecessarily complex and difficult for our clients to use. It is also known to be ‘unfriendly’ to search engines so we encourage you not to use this system. But, if you really want to and are willing to pay the price, then we can give you a Joomla solution.

R 800

Image Slider (jQuery)

Nowadays it is common to see large images sliding automatically on websites. It has WOW appeal and looks slick. We can offer this with various styles and functionality like ‘sliding’, ‘fading’, ‘bouncing’ or anything you wish for.

R 1800

Animated banner

We design animated banners to your specifications that are fast loading and look great. You choose the size you want and tell us your idea and we will give you a concept to play with. Up to 3 unique concepts can be done at your request. A concept may be refined until you are satisfied.

R 2400

Animated banners (Set of 3 sizes)

Same as above but is 3 different sizes. Commonly used banner sizes are 468×60, 120×240, 125×125, etc (Dimension in pixel units).

R 800

Google Map Integration

We can add a Google map to your website which shows either a street map or terrain map. Additionally we add your site to Google places for Business which places a pin. When this pin is clicked on, it shows your business to anyone searching on Google maps.

R 1600

Social Media Integration

Do you want Social Media buttons on your website? From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger or any others you may need. We will put these wherever you like and link them to your social media platforms. Up to two Social feeds are also included on your website if needed.


Photo Retouching / Deep Etching (Price on Request)

Photo editing is something we love doing. From colouring, cleaning bad spots, superimposition, deep-etching or whatever you want, we can do it.


3D Modelling, Shading and Rendering (Price on Request)

Weather you want a car engine or water modelled, we can do it for you and animate it too!. Have a look at our 3D Modelling page for examples of some work. Contact us to discuss your ideas and recive a quote.