Update ALL your social media, and your website, with ONE email.

Let’s say you’re out and about having fun – next thing you see the perfect opportunity for a selfie or a wonderful Kodak moment. You snap a few photos with your phone.  Awesome! Now to share!

Normally you would have to post your images on each of your social media accounts. For most of us, that’s at least 3 apps to open.  On each platform you would add the same photos, write the same some copy or hashtags, and then send. This is cumbersome.

Enter smart tech. Now you can just send an email to a special email address that your website receives.  This special email posts a blog post on your website and, the website automatically shares this new blog post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.  This saves you time and brings valuable traffic, and awareness, to your website, as well as having the opportunity to increase social engagement.


  • The subject of the email will be the title of the blog post.
  • The body text of the email, with hashtags, will be the text content of the blog post.
  • The first attached image will be the featured ‘thumbnail’ that shows on social media.
  • Additional images will make a gallery in the blog post.

If you would like this added to your website contact me.