About Us

Young Minds, Fresh Ideas

A small company with BIG ideas…

We are a small company of 3 people. Each of us has unique skills that compliment one another. Together we produce outstanding projects, yet you have the personalised attention of a small company.

Lora Jansen


Lora is the creative juice of the company and produces award winning designs and concepts with flair and precision. Trained in the late 80’s in fine art and graphic design, her experience shines through in all she does.

Craig Van Rensburg


Craig is the director and technical guy that handles all the programming and production. Craig is trained in digital graphic design and self taught in several computer programming languages and database administration.

Angel Lehmann


Angel is a remarkable multi-talented artist. He thinks ‘out of the box’ and produces amazing 3D animations and worlds. He is also a Sculptor and turns anything he touches into gold.

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